How it Works

Have a Medical question? No Money? Want an Answer from a doctor in your language?

Register with your phone number on CallVydya Android or Ios app , Enter the details of health problem or record your medical conditions/questions and sent to a Doctor for FREE.

Youw ill receive an answer from a Top Rank world Class Doctor with in 48 hours


Want to Audio/Video/Chat with Doctor in Minutes

Choose A Specialist Doctor for your health condition. Pay a flat fee using Credit Card/Debit Card/Netbanking/Paypal/Paytm/Wallet to the doctor and make an appointment . A doctor will AUDIO/VIDEO call you and provide you the correct diagnosis and and an prescription if needed.

Our Doctors are world class highly experienced and cheery picked by through backgorund checks and experience. You are assured to get the best medical advice int he world.

If your Health Condition cannot be treated online or if you are not satisfied with the doctor consult, you will get 100% refund