About us

About Us...

CallVydya is a telehealth platform that allow Consultation with doctors and health experts  through video ,audio and chat . State of the art  app  allows the real time streaming of video along with the option of patient to share health documents and doctors to provide a true patient assessment and allow doctors to write an E prescription for common medcal Ailments.

CallVydya helps to provide free answer to any of your health related questions through chat or voice recordings.

Key Business Features:

  • Health is in your hands.
  • Doctors and fitness experts are available 24/7 to answer peoples needs. All doctors and health experts  in Callvydya would be top Ranked doctors in the Society. 
  • Ability to choose speciality of doctors and also get Second opinion from US MD Doctors
  • Chats and Calls are private and secure. you data is safe and never shared to anyone.